Proactive Care IT Management

What is Proactive Care IT Management?

In a world where reacting to situations can often be too late or too costly for a business, we take IT management to a whole new level. Often times when you have to react to situations, you are at risk of losing time and money. We can't afford to react to a server crash, or to react to a security breach, or even to react to a hurricane. We have to proactively manage our systems and prepare them for future problems. That is what we do. We take the proactive approach by leveraging multiple solutions to tackle problems in their infancy before they can grow into money draining disasters. 


Technology solutions that are "Taylored" For you

24/7/365 Monitoring


We leverage our monitoring software to keep a close watch over your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We detect issues long before they grow into time-consuming problems which allows us to take care of them in their infancy.

Proactive Network Management


The only way to ensure both the security and the optimization of your network is to have someone proactively manage and care for your network. We leverage a variety of tools to ensure your network runs properly and that it is secure. 

Lockdown Information Security


We live in a world where people want to break into your systems and wreak havoc on your network and data. We are here to ensure that never happens. We implement a variety of security solutions and we enact policies that mitigate risks and ensure your systems stay safe from attack.

Business Continuity


Any Proactive IT Management solution requires business continuity solutions and plans. We sit down with and come up with a solid plan that prepares you for worst situations and then we equip you with the solutions to get you through the worst situations. 

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Reliable IT Support


Our support staff reliably supports you and your employees and make sure that all issues get taken care. We utilize remote monitoring and management software to remotely take care of your issues, or if it requires an onsite visit, one of our staff can be there quickly and can tackle your issue promptly and effectively.

Unified Communications


Managing your phone systems is also a part of our Proactive Care IT Management. We leverage a system that will revolutionize your office communication ability. 

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